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Hi and welcome to K9 Training Services and Dog Boarding Kennels, we are located in an area that is classed as a place of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of Kent near the Alkham Valley where there is plenty to do like nature walks/trails there is one right on our doorstep for you to enjoy and explore or there is Canterbury Cathedral, Dover Castle, The White Cliffs of Dover just to name a few.

Our dog boarding kennels are close to the M2/A2 Motorways and only 5 minutes from the Eurotunnel which is an added bonus for our clients visiting Europe for their short breaks and want peace of mind their dogs are getting the very best of care while they are away.

We are qualified and accredited dog trainers and work with some of the most demanding dogs ranging from shy, nervous, aggressive, first time boarders, sports dogs, personal protection dogs and security dogs, we ensure each and every dog gets the husbandry and specific care they require, we have a deep understanding of the different breed traits and types of behaviours they may display, we cater to all types of diets including BARF/RAW where we have facilities to store your frozen meats or we can supply your pets BARF diet as thats what we feed our own dogs.

We also accept Titer for clients that don't like to over vaccinate their dogs after much feedback from our customers as this is a major concern amongst our clients they say too many kennels are insisting on annual boosters etc, studies now show these vaccines are having major implications on dogs health and its why we are one of the few kennels that accept Titer tests, we also have isolation kennels for dogs that suddenly get sick or we suspect a dog is becoming sick and theses isolation kennels are away from the main kennels to ensure no sick dogs infect other healthy dogs, we have a strict hygiene program in place and glad to say we have never had any incidents.

We have large fenced off areas for your dogs to play where they can go through tunnels and explore different types of equipment like ball pits, climbing equipment, jumps, tyres, etc or just play ball/fetch with us or they can just run around and have fun in a controlled environment.

We are always looking for new innovative ways to stimulate our guests and if you have a suggestion we would love to hear it.

In the near future we will be adding a Hydrotherapy and rehabilitation building keep our website in your bookmarks so you can easily find us for upcoming information.

All our  Dog Boarding Kennels have warm comfortable raised beds and each dog boarding kennel has their own private outdoor run, kennels have underfloor heating, the buildings are also insulated making sure your dogs are in the very finest conditions exactly the way our own dogs are housed for more information see our page.

We can also train your dog while they are with us see our Residential Dog Training page  for a full list of our Residential Dog Training Courses.

See our Dog Boardings Page  for individual day/night boardings rates, we feel your dogs should feel like they are on their holidays and enjoy their time with us whether its dog boarding, doggy day care or dog training see our Dog Training page  for list of the dog training services we can provide, call for availability as we are normally booked up, or call us for a friendly chat to see how we can be of assistance.

All our fields are fenced and secure allowing peace of mind for owners their dogs are getting off lead exercise if requested in a controlled environment we know this is important for the mental well being of the dogs as its no fun being in a kennel all day or alternatively they can be exercised on lead for added peace of mind.

 We will also ensure dogs are not walked together that may have issues with other dogs we are qualified dog trainers and know the signs immediately and its important dogs do not end up having a bad experience no matter where they are.

All our patrons are entitled to special discounts on our specialist training and seminar events as well as a special discounts from our dog training equipment colleagues ForDogTrainers we highly recommend their dog training equipment

We hold specialist training events and IPO trials at our K9 Training Services and Boarding Kennels where we have dedicated IPO and tracking fields.

We are proud to be the home of the United Kingdom Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Association UKBSWDA.

We are recognised by the FMBB & FCI and supply the only Belgian Shepherd FMBB approved working books in the United Kingdom.

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