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                                        Heated Indoor Kennels And Secure Outdoor Runs

K9 Training Services and Dog Boarding Kennels are dedicated to ensuring your beloved pet has a great stay with us,  each kennel is heated as well as having a large out door run where they can see the other residents and get some fresh air or we have kennels where they have total privacy this is for the dogs that like their own company.

As with all our dog boarding residents each and every one of them get individual time with us just like our own dogs do and its why we get repeat custom time and time again.

Dog boarding can be a stressful time for your dog especially if they have never kennelled before, so for our first timers we make sure they get plenty of attention and make their stay a fun experience and its why we see them again so we must be doing something right our Motto is "Treat them like our own" .

We have several vet's only a phone call away in the unlikely event a vet is needed, we believe in being prepared.

All kennel blocks are heated, starting with the floors where each individual kennel has been designed for maximum comfort, under the non slip tiles there are special 10mm insulation boards that ensure the heat is not lost through the floor and the heat is transferred upwards this ensures a very comfortable sleeping area, then attached to each kennel is a large secure outdoor run to enjoy the fresh air, all outdoor runs are secure and safely separated from the other residents and monitored by high definition CCTV cameras day and night, some kennels even have music in them for the dogs that don't like to be left alone, yes we spoil them :).

All dogs are checked regularly we don't believe in putting the dogs in a kennel and leaving them as each dog has specific needs and we understand this we have several dogs of our own and they are our babies.

We promise your dogs will love their stay with us.

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